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Howdy 👋🏻, It’s nice to meet you!

I’m Kelsi Deeann, the CEO/Artist ‘Round Here

I teach traditional artists how to translate their creative talents to the iPad using Procreate, modern illustration techniques, and professional supplies so they can pursue their creative calling in new ways and squash the “starving artist” narrative.

Think of me as your artist fairy godmother. I will teach you how to give your creativity a makeover with YouTube videos, beginner-friendly online courses, and freebies like Procreate brushes.

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The Struggle is Real

I have always found joy and fulfillment in creating art. I have a background in traditional art and a love for painting, but when I started taking digital art seriously, Procreate, a digital drawing app opened new doors for me. I understand your questions surrounding digital art. Is it real art? Is it easier? I also get the frustrations of technology becoming part of your workflow. I see you with tons of ideas but not knowing how to bring them to life in a tangible way because of the limitations supplies or mindset.

How I Roll

My business (and life) are navigated with these heart and soul values in mind… and Apple Maps.

Okay, but why?

You Were Created to Create

My business is driven by a desire to share my knowledge and skills with others. I want to encourage you to share your creativity and explore the digital art world. I believe we were created to create, and am dedicated to helping students nurture their god given creative talents. I believe by encouraging women to create and share their art, that I can inspire a new generation of female artists to pursue their creative passions, make their mark on the world, and monetize. My biz serves as a platform for you to express yourself, tell your testimony, and create art that reflects your unique perspectives and experiences.

I have a surprise 🫣

You May Be Thinking, What Now?

Welcome to my art studio, where you will get paint on your overalls and pursue your creative calling in beginner-friendly courses on the subjects that matter to you. Here are three different avenues you can take today to get started.


Procreate Brushes

Fill your virtual art toolbox with lifelike digital art tools that will give your digital work that handmade feel without the cheesy outdated 2012 watercolor vibe that still seems to haunt Pinterest.


Free Color Palette(s)

Skip studying color theory for today and download to use .swatches file for Procreate, hex codes, and a printable mixing card that has a carefully crafted combo of colors for you to use in your next project.


Online Courses

Dive into step-by-step video tutorials accompanied with bonuses on the subjects that matter to you. It’s way more fun than whiteboards, bathroom breaks, and that sick feeling you get with the word “homework.”🤢

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