• How to Make a Logo Stamp Brush in Procreate

    Learn how to create a custom logo stamp brush in Procreate with this easy tutorial! Watermarking your creative work online is crucial to protect it from theft or misuse. In this video, I will show you step by step how to make a stamp brush in Procreate featuring your logo or signature. This brush can […]

  • How to Use Drawing Guides in Procreate 

    My favorite procreate feature would be drawing guides. I use them in all my illustrations. I sketched with copy paper and a pencil for years. I would have to redraw parts of my work repeatedly If something was unproportionate, in the wrong place, or looked off. So, when I started using Procreate, I utilized its […]

  • The 12 Most Useful Procreate Features & Shortcuts

    Procreate has a multitude of hidden features, hand gestures, and shortcuts inside its minimalistic workspace. Some of them you probably don’t even know about, but which ones will make your workflow easier, and will you ACTUALLY use? Instead of overwhelming you with a master list of features in this video, I’m showing you how to […]