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How to Use Drawing Guides in Procreate 

My favorite procreate feature would be drawing guides. I use them in all my illustrations. I sketched with copy paper and a pencil for years. I would have to redraw parts of my work repeatedly If something was unproportionate, in the wrong place, or looked off. So, when I started using Procreate, I utilized its many tools to streamline my process like drawing guides.

In this video/post, I'll teach you how to access Procreate's drawing guides and when to use them.

How to Turn On Drawing Guides

  1. 1. click the wrench in the top left-hand corner
  2. 2. select canvas
  3. 3. look a few rows down and toggle on drawing guides
  4. 4. click edit drawing guide a row down
  5. 5. now you can select the options that work best for your project

Once you have the menu opened you can side the rainbow at the top to change the color of the drawing guide. At the bottom, you can adjust the thickness (guide width), opacity (guide visibility), and size depending on the guide.

The 4 Drawing Guides

2D Grids

A simple checker-like grid that is great for using the grid method for realistic drawing, writing on straight lines, using the rule of thirds, and more.

The Isometric Guide

A 3-dimensional grid that allows you to get fancy with angles.

The Perspective Guide

A classic perspective guide that allows you to place vanishing points. Think about that railroad exercise you had to do in middle school art class.

To activate this one use your finger to tap on the screen to place a vanishing point you can add additional ones if needed.

The Symmetry Guide (AKA The GOAT of DGS)

You have multiple options underneath the options button on the symmetry guide including vertical, horizontal, quadrant, and radial. Vertical and horizontal are like folding your paper hotdog and hamburger style. The quadrant divides the canvas into four squares, and the radial creates a mandala guide.

Drawing Assist

If you have assisted drawing toggled on underneath the options, on the drawing guide, or layer you will get a live replication of your artwork from one section to the rest. This helps you create proportional subjects faster and ensures exact replication.

If you toggle on rotational symmetry underneath the options this will have a funky effect on your lines. They will rotate and create somewhat of a spin art/mandala look.

If you are using drawing assist with guides other than symmetry you will get straight lines following your guide.

Fun fact: my favorite and most used tool in Procreate is the vertical drawing guide with assisted drawing turned on.

Editing Your Selected Guide

Most guides will have a blue and green node. The blue node allows you to move the guide on your canvas, while the green node allows you to tilt your guide. To reset the guide to the center of the canvas, tap the note and click reset.

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With Procreate's drawing guides, there are no more measurements, rulers, and graphite-smeared paper. I hope you got what you needed from this rundown of Procreate drawing guides.

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Post: How to Use Drawing Guides in Procreate 

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