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The 12 Most Useful Procreate Features & Shortcuts

Procreate has a multitude of hidden features, hand gestures, and shortcuts inside its minimalistic workspace. Some of them you probably don't even know about, but which ones will make your workflow easier, and will you ACTUALLY use? Instead of overwhelming you with a master list of features in this video, I’m showing you how to access the 12 most useful Procreate features and shortcuts.

The 12 Features & Shortcuts

  1. 1. Selecting perfect colors & color wheel tricks
  2. 2. Reference layer
  3. 3. Hidden Image in a time-lapse video
  4. 4. Color fill (3 Ways)
  5. 5. Duplicating layers to a new canvas
  6. 6. The best finger gestures
  7. 7. Pinning your favorite recent brushes
  8. 8. Choosing your eraser brush
  9. 9. Touch to select layers
  10. 10. 3 finger menu
  11. 11. Swiping right to select multiple layers
  12. 12. QuickShape

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Post: The 12 Most Useful Procreate Features & Shortcuts

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