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The Best Default (and FREE) Procreate Brushes in 2024

I used to give native Procreate brushes a bad rap, but as I created in Procreate, more I began to choose simple native brushes that helped me achieve my desired art style.

If you do not want to splurge on Procreate brushes right now or can't seem to find a brush pack that you have been happy with, then maybe it's a good time to check out the best native Procreate brushes and some free ones you can pick up online.

In this video/post, I'll show you where to find Procreate's best default brushes, how they work, and how to use them in your illustrations, and I'll also spill the beans on how to download some free brushes.

The Brushes

  1. 1. Peppermint (Procreate)
  2. 2. Pressurized Outliner (Free Download)
  3. 3. Rubber Eraser (Free Download)
  4. 4. Flat Brush (Procreate)
  5. 5. Gouache Brush (Free Download)
  6. 6. Soft Brush (Procreate)
  7. 7. Glimmer (Procreate)
  8. 8. Damaged Paintbrush (Free Download)
  9. 9. Paint Water (Free Download) 
  10. 10. 6B Pencil (Procreate)

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Post: The Best Default (and FREE) Procreate Brushes in 2024

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