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Welcome to My Humble Internet Abode

Howdy, I'm Kelsi Deeann ✏️

I teach traditional artists how to translate their creative talents to the iPad using Procreate, modern Illustration techniques, and professional supplies so they can pursue their creative calling in new ways and squash the “starving artist” narrative.

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How Can I Serve You?

I’m your girl when it comes to talking about how to find your art style, small business, and all the dog breeds I know by heart. I’m bringing my 10+ years of art kid knowledge to the table and some chips and avocado.

Pool Floats + Suntans = The Perfect Match

Licensing & Collabs

I have a portfolio of one-of-a-kind artwork that is available to be licensed for your next project. Can’t you see it now on wall art, notebooks, stickers, or your kid’s adorable 4th-grade lunchbox?

Wax on, Wax off Daniel Son

Learn How to Make Digital Art

Learn basic to first place in Mario Kart art and illustration skills, figure out how to use modern art software stress-free, and the trendiest painting techniques of the 20th century not the old masters from the Renaissance (no hate Leonardo).

✸ Subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel ✸ Subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel ✸ Subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel

Does this qualify as art therapy, retail therapy, or both?

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Shop for artist resources and supplies to fill your virtual art toolbox, like Procreate brushes, Procreate stamps, carefully crafted color palettes, illustration textures, coloring pages, mystery templates, learning guides, and more.


I’m Kelsi Deeann, the CEO/Artist ‘Round Here

My business is driven by a desire to share my knowledge and skills with others. I want to encourage you to share your creativity and explore the digital art world. I believe we were created to create, and am dedicated to helping students nurture their god given creative talents.

I believe by encouraging women to create and share their art, that I can inspire a new generation of female artists to pursue their creative passions, make their mark on the world, and monetize.

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✸ Subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel ✸ Subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel ✸ Subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel

Learn with Kelsi

Workshops & Courses

You don’t need a fancy college degree or student debt. Welcome to my art studio, where you will get paint on your overalls and pursue your creative calling in beginner-friendly courses on the subjects that matter to you.

It’s like reading the back of a cereal box while you eat breakfast.

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